Sunday, March 22, 2009

Why are people unequal in society?

Every time we interact with one another, inequality emerges in some form or another. Individual qualities, for example, not only will differentiate us from one another but also often will become the basis for inequality between us. Pg.78 (Charon text book)
Webber writes that we are unequal in three orders, in society: the economic, the social order, and the political order. Which it can be translate into class; race, ocupation, education, gender, and ethnic group membership; and political positon.

It's important to note that almost every sociologist who tries to explain inequality brings in the process called "the division of labor". To Karl Max this is central an it is economic: Economic activities eventually lead to a division of labor in society, where people do increasingly different things from one another. Division of labor inevitably brings advantages to some people over others. Pg.80 (chapter 4 from charon text book) Division of labor can also be found in families, in friendship groups, in school, in churches...wherever there is a social organization.
Immigration. The way some immigrants are treated, the way they live and conditions of work to what they are exposed to, is a good subject to show the inequality that exists in this world.

In the Garza article Pg232-239(addler text book) I could learn more about mexican immigration and I got to respect and appreciate even more those human beings. We are all immigrants and as human beings we should respect one another. We are all equals no matter status, race, gender, religion...we have to love one another. Love to be loved and respect to be respected. It's hard to say it but inequality in this world will never go away.

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